Thursday, May 9, 2013

Civ Rev on X-box


So video games are part of the fun at casa Doyle and one of my favorites is the x-box version of Sid Myers' Civilization Revolution. The rest of my tribe hate it (and say it's boring) but I play it on the hardest level (Deity) and win most times. I'd say it's the Granddaddy of turn-based strategy games. I play it on PC too but go back to X-box for my escapist unwinding. There's nothing like taking over the world in low def to make a rough day better.

You start the game buy picking difficulty levels and choosing who you are going to play as. Each civilization has their own perk and I won't list them all but my favorite are the Aztecs and their ruler Montezuma. They start the game with 25 dollars and automatically heal after every battle. This means you can defend cities with pretty much just one defensive army and armies don't waste a turn 'healing'. I rush a warrior on the first turn of the game and then get a little invading force built up within 3 or 4 turns (after you hit a few barbarian villages to finance more rushing) then BAM if there is another capital less then 4 or 5 turns away I take it buy force and get one civilization off the board right off the get go. That gives you 2 good cities and one less opponent at the beginning of the game.

There are 4 ways to win: you can just blast through and dominate, you can build lots of temples and cathedrals in your city and attract cultural people, you can win with technology and you can win with the most money. On Deity level you go like gangbusters and play like you want to win ALL ways; technology especially. Your going to need lots of money and technology to dominate all the other civilizations. At this level the opponents build armies faster than you, get tech faster than you and have slightly better odds when fighting. Since they have such an advantage I save a lot and sometimes reload if things don't go my way. Hey it's my game! Civ rev was made for X-box but runs on X-box 360 too. You can probably pick it up used for pretty cheap.

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