Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A knitterly review

So I'm in a radical book club called called the Fiction Vixens that meets several times a year and discusses a book. The host supplies 100% of the booze, food, quizzes, discussion topics and everything. One of the last books was 50 shades of grey (hey I joined this club so I'd read things I wouldn't usually read). I won't link to it or mention the author because it isn't worth the extra thought.

In the way of a review I'd say that the characters were a bit unbelievable. The beautiful university grad (virgin) had 3 or 4 other guys in love with her and had gotten through school without using/having a computer. And the bad boy millionaire was single and an incredibly gifted lover. The style was a bit unpolished (written largely like a person talks; which is a style I suppose). It was slightly titillating (between the eye-rolls) and a few parts were mildly amusing (but I like Famly Guy a little too). I'm not inspired to read any more of this series but am glad that I read it to see what all the fuss was about. I won't comment on it as an anti-feminist book because it was so silly and obvious like a Harlequine Romance and is about as un-empowering as it gets (it was characachure). There will always be a market for this stuff as it is safely packaged soft porn. And everone's imagine needs a little help sometimes. Anyway.

I was inspired to make some e-reader mits (aka fingerless gloves) because of this book. I unravelled a comercially produced sweater that was composd of rammie and silver (polyester) thread. I took it apart and it was fuzzy and slubby had an interesting ombre effect and was and a little trashy. So here's my parttern :

Fifty Shades of Grey Mitts;
2 balls of worsted weight (approx) yarn
4 size 3 mm double pionted needles (DPN's)
4 size 3 DPN's
1 stitch marker

k ~ knit
p ~ purl
M1 ~ make 1 (I use knit front and back into the same stitch unless I'm creating stitches a the end of the row; then I use a backword loop)

Stitch Pattern:
Rows 1-4

With the smaller needles cast on 36 stitches, join (place a marker at the join) and k2, p 2 (in the round) for 2.5 or 3 inches. When you're happy with the cuffs, change to 4 mm needles, knit front and back (M1) of the first stich in the round, and start on the k4, p4 pattern (the very first repeat will be K3 though because it will include the stitch you just created) when you get to the last stich in the round place a marker before you M1 into last stich . Then you will knit one more stitch onto your last needle from the next needle.

So you will have 3 needles with 36 stitches plus 2 after the marker on the third needle (38 in total)

Knit in the k4, p4 pattern for 3 more rows, but M1 with the first stich behind the marker, and the last stich on the needle every second round. (increasing by 2 every second round).

That ever incresing bunch of stitches behind the marker is the thumb gusset. When it gets long enough; try it on and see there should be around 18 stitches behind the marker. These must be slipped onto waste thread.   After they are slipped, continue the pattern around and make 4 stitches using a backward loop (check on utube if you need help).

Then you will have 42 stitches in total (dang these mitts are the answer to the universe!)
Continue the checkery pattern until your hand is covered (about 2 more inches). *At this point you can do one more repeat of the pattern and then knit a row, purl a row (stocking sttich in the round) for 4 rows and bind off for true fingerless mitts.

*If you want the fingers; Put your stiches on 2 needles (I like to use a circular needle for this) evenly distribued to describe the front and back of hand. There will be 21 stiches on each needle and the working yarn sould be at the end (on the side oppoiste to that of your thumb gusset). This gets a little fiddly;
Little Finger:
  • slip the last 5 stitches you knitted onto a 3mm DPN  knit the next 5 stitches on another needle and add/ make 3 stiches on the end of the needle (using backward loop). Slip the made stiches (get the rest of the stiches out of the way) Then knit in the round (13 stitches) until it is long enough for your pinky, bind off and cut yarn.
Ring Finger: (New start of yarn)
  • slip 5 stitches from the holding needles (front side) on the 3mm DPN, knit those 5 stitches and  add/ make 2 stiches on the end of the needle (using backward loop).  slip the 2 made stitches to a new needle and knit 3 more off the back holding needle. Using a new DPN, knit 2 more stiches and make 3 more on the end (15 stiches). Then knit in the round until the ring finger is long enough, bind off and cut yarn.
The next finger is made the same way as the ring finger but is usually a little longer.

Index Finger
  • there should be 11 stiches (in total) left on the holding needle. slip 5 onto one DPN make 4 more stiches on the end of needle. Slip them on a new needle and knit 2 more stiches off the holding needles. Then with third DPN knit the remaining 6 stitches (15 stiches) and contine in the round until the index finger is long enough, bind off and cut yarn.
Now all thats left is the thumb! put those 18 stiches on 3 DPNs and knit around until the thumb is long enough, bind off and sew in all those ends! I like to make sure to close any holes in the top of the thumb and between the fingers when I sew in the ends. Then repreat the gnatty process for the other hand.

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