Thursday, October 24, 2013

So Hub and I have a little thing we call "Dream of the Day" (DoD). When we were younger we had a file folder of dream of the day stuff and now we have an electronic file. It lets us get some pretty crazy ideas vetted and out of our heads. Mind you one dream of the day was moving my young family across the country and that one turned into reality so DoD isn't exclusively hypothetical.

The latest DoD is selling both our suburban house and seaside cottage and moving to a seaside condo in a very quaint town about an hour away from where our primary residence is now.
We worked out all the finances, the commute, arrangements for the kids and everything. This was a lovely condo in a quaint village but it was spendy, on the bottom floor of an old house and had laminate floors. I'm not a total snob when it comes to laminate but in a little condo buy the sea it would be very humid and cheaper laminate will peel.

Anyway the truth is this is a dream of the day that is before it’s time. We have a lot of stuff because I have a lot of projects in mind and even though I get a little overwhelmed and complain; I like it that way. 

IF we downsize now I have to get rid of a lot of furniture and I’m sort of saving it until my girls leave home and get places of their own. While I don’t expect them to take all my junk; expect they’ll take their beds and dressers and a kitchen table or two (yes I have 3 or 4 tables) if they stay local. I’m not sure where they'll end up but I’m not tossing out Grandma's table for a while yet.

How’s this for a back yard:

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