Thursday, August 6, 2009

A brand new blog

Here we go again, My last blog attempt tanked ignobly when I forgot my password and even my address for retrieving my password for my last blog. We changed servers a lot. Whatever.

SO it's Summer in the Maritimes and vacation for us. Teen2 is paddling (if you grow up here - you paddle) and Teen1 is angst-ing about school (and beyond).

We just arrived home from a family/work group campout. For 9 years in a row we have gone to local campgrounds as a group of families and enjoyed the hiking, campfires, boccie tournaments, badminton games and Campfire Classic golf tournament. We had hot muggy weather and a bit of rain (lots of bugs) and lots of fun.

We take off again to camp at a National park with more family. There will be lots of hiking and swimming and cooler weather. Maybe we'll see the piping plovers on the shores of the Bay of Fundy too.